Thursday, April 26, 2012

In the Annex: Megan Garrett-Jones performance 'Advice to Park Users'

Thanks to all those who braved the rain on Wednesday 18th April, to attend the performance and pop-up exhibition opening, Megan Garrett-Jones' Advice to Park Users.

The event marked the end of a year-long commitment by Megan to 'walk in the park' every day, and create subsequent writing and documentation. The performance was a story-teller style durational outpouring in which Megan read the entirity of her year-of-park diaries, clocking in at a hefty 6-hours. The recorded sound became an installation for the remainder of the exhibition.

Megan has now launched stage two of her park project, a blog that offers a year of weekly "advice", performance demonstrations, and writings drawn from her year of parks.

week TWO: metaphor from Megan Garrett-Jones on Vimeo.
Beware of metaphor. (How) everyday to be at a crossroad.