Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Peter Gardiner selected as a finalist in the Dobell Prize for Drawing

Peter Gardiner features as a finalist in the 2011 Dobell Prize for drawing, which can be viewed at the Art Gallery of NSW until the 5th February.

Peter Gardiner in front of 'Hexham (swamp)' 

"Peter Gardiner's Hexham (swamp) [...] is an unusual venture for Gardiner, who often favours the more dramatic scenes. The swamp is almost featureless but possessed of a strange, crackling vitality. The artist has filled the sheet with small staccato dabs of charcoal that extract a glimmer of individuality from the uniformity of the landscape"
Says John MacDonald in a review of the show for the Sydney Morning Herald's Spectrum (10/12/2011).

We also congratulate James Drinkwater for being selected as a finalist in the Dobell 2011.

James Drinkwater's selected work 'Trails Beginnings', part of a suite of works on paper featured in the March 2011 exhibition at our gallery 

In other Peter Gardiner news, we are proud to announce that the Damien Minton Gallery had been accepted into the 2012 Hong Kong Art Fair.  We will be exhibiting in the ASIAONE section with a development of Gardiner's Ravensworth Series.